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Influencer marketing is a new and hot topic even for experienced agencies. A media kit is essentially your digital influencer resume that you will include in your email pitch. Therefore, the more sponsored content an influencer posts, the more their status is diluted. If a brand requests a blog post, I also ask to also create a few Pinterest pins for it. One of my most successful takeovers was for TJ Maxx in 2017. I recently wrote about how Instagram has altered its algorithm to favor posts with high engagement . We have been following your profile on [insert social media platform] and love your posts on [insert topic]. The biggest part of this is influencer marketing, wherein marketers connect to certain influencers in the form of a collaboration pitch email to promote their product or service to the influencer’s social media (be it on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) Start by building a relationship with the recipient of your letter. Research the brand before pitching. Do your research on your audience’s demographics and the ideal audience for the brand. When you are sending an email to an “influencer”, it really doesn’t matter what you’re asking them to do (write about your product, attend your event, share your post in social media) the same components of your pitch need to be present. Write a short and catchy subject … Be on your A-game and have your media kit handy when you reach out to a brand. Remember, the goal here is to stand out and radiate all that you have to offer, including that kick-ass personality of yours. All this said, the micro-influencer sphere is becoming increasingly competitive, so here follow some tips on how to be pitch perfect when approaching brands. Don’t let fear or rejection stop you from continuing to reach out to brands! The simpler and more straightforward the task, with obvious value exchange, the higher probability of success. Again, in consideration for their time, don’t make the brand work to find information about you. The reason consumers trust influencers is because they view them as authentic sources of information. When you pitch companies or agencies, keep your pitch letter short, sweet and to the point. A link to your influencer … We pitched the influencer and he immediately understood the value of the brand relationship and recognized the fit with his audience. ), Instead of: “Would you like to collaborate?”, Try: “Would you like to collaborate on a styling Reel on Instagram to showcase how to style ___(new arrival item) in 3 ways for the holiday season?”. My name is Haley and I’m a life and style influencer and content creator based in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a creator who is on the go with an audience that is too, it's crucial to find timeless, effortless pieces that consistently make a statement time and time again.”. The influencer did share helpful ROI metrics, but the brands … We sometimes have to coordinate who needs to step in the bedroom and who needs to stay at the kitchen counter. A San Francisco Influencer and Content Creator focused on photography, fashion, clean beauty, and the California lifestyle. 6 Pitch Perfect Email Templates to craft your perfect Influencer Outreach Email - Influencer outreach essentially comes down to connecting with relevant influencers and convincing them to work with your brand… She shared a real email template she uses to pitch brands for sponsorships. We heavily researched a shortlist of influencers to find the perfect candidate, and our time and effort paid off. • P.S. A brand would request to send me clothes or make up in exchange for an Instagram post or blog post. (Are you ready?). How to Create an Epic Influencer Brand Pitch Know Your Brand. Landing brand partnerships is one way that influencers, bloggers and creators monetize their social influence. Figuring out why you want to work with the brand and what value you can provide is the essential ingredient to pitching brands as an influencer. I took on more this year, knowing I don’t … ... You never know if the person standing before you is the very influencer who will share you and your message with their audience, catapulting your brand to an entirely new level of impact and growth. Step One: Find the exact person you need to speak to so you can pitch to them directly. It’s clear, straight to the point, and offers a specific idea that’s not only unique, but also shows how you can benefit the brand. You’ve learned my exact formula for reaching out to brands for an Instagram collaboration. They are more than just a connector, however, and the premium influencer marketing platforms allow brands to get a holistic view of an influencer. If you have a Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn and you consistently post on these platforms for your blog/brand, you can also pitch these platforms to be included in brand collaborations. If an influencer gets into hot water, all aspects of their image, including brand partnerships, can come under scrutiny as well. Here are a few things you can pitch to brands as a microinfluencer. Spend $30 on @Neutrogena products at @CVS_beauty, get a $10 Gift Card through Fandango just by showing your receipt! However, if you pitch a brand as an influencer and haven’t heard a peep out of them, don’t get discouraged. How to Create an Elevator Pitch for Your Personal Brand. Lastly, a super tiny detail here: I used to send my media kit as an attachment but recently started linking it directly in the email. Each of the emails was exactly the same and did not speak to the specific brand or products. It’s important to understand the process and what travel brands are looking for so you can up your chances of getting selected for a partnership, press trip or collaboration. But, don’t try to completely alter yourself or your content to fit every brand’s vibe that you’re reaching out to. Choose your clients wisely So as both a linguist (that was my degree, way back when!) It’s a great place to start off when trying to find contacts within a brand to pitch to. Hi there! If you're looking to pitch as a micro influencer, we're sharing our top tips on how to stand out in the industry and position yourself to land brand partnerships! The brand has to make sense with your personal brand because if it doesn’t, then the partnership won’t do well and you will come off as inauthentic to your audience. Tying brands to ambassadors who come with their own lives and opinions in influencer marketing campaigns can sometimes be a risky game. I’m not a regular influencer. Getting ready for the day has always been a part of my morning routine. Sep 29, 2020 - Create an influencer partnership with online brands for increased income. It’s truly about how you and the brand can work together to benefit each other and create buzz-worthy content. It helps me get into work mode. Influencer marketing may be profitable, but it also comes with a few challenges of its own. From nano to micro to macro-influencers, influencer marketing platforms allow brands to quickly and easily identify and work with tens or even hundreds of influencers seamlessly. If you want to join Ainfluencer ad marketplace as an effective way of pitching to brands… In consideration of their time, make sure your email is straight to the point and easy to understand. Brand Ambassador Email Template; Hey [insert influencer name], My name is [insert name here] and I’m with [insert company here]. Aug 1, 2019 - Learn to pitch to brands as a blogger and land brand collaborations with this step by step guide that helps you craft the perfect pitch… Thank you for reading! When you pick brands to pitch to as a micro-influencer, make sure to choose brands … In this blog post, I’m going to teach you about the prep work that needs to be done before reaching out to a brand, how to format your email pitch for a collaboration, various writing examples, and my insanely specific tips along the way. Follow-up in a week’s time and if you still haven’t heard back a few days later, … I personally have used to IG stories to highlight how a product works, document an experience, or show how the clothes fit. The result was 20 unique Tweets, 2 customized YouTube videos, and 1.7M brand … If you can pique enough interest to get someone to open your email,... 2. Aug 1, 2019 - Learn to pitch to brands as a blogger and land brand collaborations with this step by step guide that helps you craft the perfect pitch. Comment on their recent posts, post their product or Instagram posts on your stories with a tag, and don’t be afraid to send the brand a little love in their DMs. Free vs. I personally love how Waterl<33 dry shampoo foam doesn’t leave any residue! Bring that commitment to distinction into every elevator pitch. Keep in mind the length of your email. Hey Influencer, Been following your work for a while - really interesting takeaways from your deep dive into the pros and cons of always-open vs. closed-door courses. Plus a FREE Partnership + … Figuring out why you want to work with the brand and what value you can provide is the essential ingredient to pitching brands as an influencer. I can’t tell you how overwhelmed I felt when I began reaching out to brands. Let’s get it. 1. ‍♀️Even though I’ve traded my outdoor photo shoots with friends to inside my apartment with self-timer photos, I’ve kept my hair washing routine to 3x a week. It usually takes a person seeing something at least 7 times before they buy that product or service. Here’s my secret to what I do before I write this second paragraph. A brand would rather have an influencer who regularly engages with her audience, and who succeeds in having people share her work on a regular basis. That’s going to get you ignored. Have you tried the Neutrogena Liquid Foundation or Eye Perfecter yet? Okay, yay! Instagram stories are great deliverable to include in your pitch to a brand. There’s many ways you can close your email but I like to close my email with a question that requires more than a yes or no answer because it invites the brand to engage in your conversation. You can also include a recent (and relevant!) 1. Kerry Klassic attached [Influencer Reco]_ Sony Music.png to Sasha Fierce Kerry Klassic added Sasha Fierce to INFLUENCER PITCH EXAMPLE Board How To Pitch Brands & Get Sponsorships A brand contact can tell a copy and pasted letter from a mile away and guess what? Sponsored content can boost the favorability of a brand for new and returning customers , and is an incredibly valuable tool for word of mouth marketing. When you pick brands to pitch to as a micro-influencer, make sure to choose brands that share your values and have the same target audience as you do. It wasn’t until my style and vision matured and I grew up a bit that we became more aligned and eventually ended up working together. Remember, you don’t want to make the brand work to find information so either link them in a straight forward way or seamlessly in a sentence. my ultimate guide to influencer media kits, How to Pitch Yourself to a Brand for an Influencer Collaboration, The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Media Kits. My name is Emma. You can write blog posts, you can make tiktok vidoes, or you can create photos. Then, you can emphasize what’s in it for the brand: “I noticed your recent posts have featured breathtaking destinations with travel tips in the caption. The result was 20 unique Tweets, 2 customized YouTube videos, and 1.7M brand impressions. Don’t start your pitch letter with “Dear blogger” or “Dear influencer.” And please – PLEASE – don’t start by talking about you, how great you are or how important this opportunity is for them. In fact, infusing your personality is super important in your pitch! It goes without saying that when you reach out to a brand, they will evaluate you to see if it makes sense to work with you. One of the most important influencer marketing goals a brand should focus on is to increase their brand awareness. When you are sending an email to an “influencer”, it really doesn’t matter what you’re asking them to do (write about your product, attend your event, share your post in social media) the same components of your pitch … And nothing is more impersonal than to kick off a business relationship with a lazy copy and paste email. ⬆️ All available online @Target. Here are a few brand collaborations with Instagram posts I’ve done this year: What’s ONE thing that’s remained constant in my “new normal” routine? Plus brand is able to build back links to their website and I’m able to pin all the images of the brand from the blog posts to Pinterest. Get DRESSED, get READY for the day ☀️: even though I’m wearing leggings (which are so comfortable by the way), I still put a cute top on and a cardigan that works for both the office and at home. The 3 Key Ingredients in a Successful Influencer Pitch. Thing to Include #2: Introduction. Prepare Your Research . Brands and business owners are rightfully wary when dealing with unknown influencers – there’s always the risk of getting ripped off, shafted or slandered online. Here’s a tiny, but mighty power move to do before you reach out to a brand: engage with the brand’s Instagram account in as many ways as possible. I go on the brand’s website and I read their About Me page. Now, it’s all about understanding how to write a killer email with confidence that will get you a response. Your email address will not be published. Ask yourself, does your vibe match the brand’s vibe? Here are a few examples of Instagram stories I’ve put together for brands: Some of my favorite brand collaborations include Instagram story takeovers. Pinterest is responsible of 85-90% of my social traffic to my blog. The mafia turns social media influencer to reinforce its brand . If you have no idea where to even begin with media kits, check out my ultimate guide to influencer media kits so you can get started on yours pronto! Brands are constantly on the lookout for influencers who resonate with their … Think of this as your elevator pitch. When choosing your influencers, make sure that your brand and your influencer’s brand aligns. (For example, if I was reaching out to a clean skincare brand, I’d be sure to mention that I’m a part of the Sephora Squad when I introduce myself. You’ll also learn how to pitch brands … Use these tips to help you successfully pitch brands as a micro influencer. We get it, influencer outreach can be challenging for brands. In almost all my brand collaborations, I always pitch at least one Instagram post to be featured on my feed. Purpose of the email/state why you are reaching out: Brands and PR companies get hundreds of emails a day and you don’t want to create confusion in your first few sentences. • In the last 5 years, I’ve worked in a corporate, office environment. Take a moment to compare your aesthetic, your style, and your values to the brand you are reaching out to. If you aren’t sure what type of deliverables you can pitch to a brand, here is an entire list of ideas you can pull from. The best way to get as much purchase data as possible is to provide the influencer with … how you will be reaching out to the brand and where to find the appropriate contact. For starters, let me preface by saying there are countless ways to format your email pitch! Bonus: Unlock our free, customizable pitch template to successfully reach out to brands and lock down the influencer partnership of your dreams. Influencer … In most cases, an influencer will create a post similar in style and content to their usual repertoire, while including some element of brand representation or messaging. If you’re a content creator, influencer, or brand ambassador, know that more and more brands today are looking to work with content creators. The 7 Things to Include in Your Next Brand Email Pitch: Brand Email Pitch Introduction: 1. Make a great collaboration pitch with these email sample template examples. Whether you’re negotiating paid brand deals or you’re just starting out with gifted exchanges, Instagram posts are one of the most common things you can pitch to brands. Next, we need to write a stellar introduction for your brand email pitch template. Influencers can encourage followers … For more blogging tips, I recommend also reading: 7 Negotiation Tips for Bloggers & Brand Collaborations, 5 Lessons I’ve Learned From My Top Earning Brand Collaborations of 2019, 5 Lessons I’ve Learned from Gifted Brand Collaborations, How to Reach Out Collaborate With Brands as a Blogger. Well-crafted subject line. 3. This is why influencer marketing can offer the strongest possible catalyst for growth. It’s especially important to be aligned if you are a smaller influencer because it will give you a competitive edge and make you that much more enticing to the brand. The 3 Key Ingredients in a Successful Influencer Pitch. In my marketing work, I see influencers (bloggers, creators, etc) making some key mistakes when it comes to pitching brands. If I’m feeling like I need to depuff or brighten up under my eyes, I use my fingers to apply the Neutrogena Eye Perfecter. Almost all the podcasts I listen to have some form of advertisements on their podcast. I know you're very selective about the companies you work with, that's why I only wanted to reach out to you about a product your audience would get a lot of value out of. If you’re getting comfortable producing videos, I would recommend pitching IGTVs for brands. I once received the same, exact pitch email from an influencer in the span of 10 minutes in regard to the 5 different brands in my client roster. When I first started working with brands in 2016, the exchanges were easy. 7 things every brand pitch should include 1. Trust yourself, your ideas and your journey. I also put on some make up! But here are 3 things that have helped me be PRODUCTIVE at home: • 1. As time consuming as it is to send emails to brands, you’re a boss babe for doing it. I didn’t know who to reach out to, I didn’t really know what to say, and I didn’t even know if I was qualified to ask for a collaboration. Did that mean I was rejection forever? Clearly include links to your Instagram, your media kit, and any other important information you are sharing with them that exists outside of your email. Instagram … Influencer marketing is going to be a game-changer in the times to come. Here are a few brand collaborations with blog posts I’ve done: Pinterest is one of my top social channels. According to an analysis of 12 million outreach emails by Backlinko, only 8.5% of all outreach emails get a response. achievement of yours to really catch the brand’s attention. • 2. That’s a lot of people and a lot of attention. But, don’t be afraid to move things around to find something that works perfectly for you. Whether you’re negotiating paid brand deals or you’re just starting out with gifted exchanges, Instagram posts are one of the most common things you can pitch to brands. Of course, one of the easiest ways to pitch brands as a micro influencer is to get help from someone with experience. They’ll look at things like geographic … A brand contact can tell a copy and pasted letter from a mile away and guess what? Your email address will not be published. Instagram stories can be a mix of still photos and videos. I hope you’re having a great day so far! If you’re comfortable creating short videos, I would recommend also pitching TikTok videos to brands. You can form a long-term relationship with the brand. I took on more this year, knowing I don’t have much of a social life or holiday parties to attend (thanks Covid & 2020). Brands have declined my rate and later circled back around. 2. #wfhlife #remoteworking #workremotely, A post shared by Emma | Seattle Content Creator (@emmasedition) on Apr 10, 2020 at 8:27am PDT. Step Two: Figure out a brand or tourism board’s “key messages” to create a … You can always learn how to achieve a cohesive Instagram feed and how to figure out your niche if you feel like you have too many interests. Personally, I like writing blog posts for brands and accompanying that blog posts with social media posts. Waterl

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